Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Big Stories versus Small Stories - Jimmy Carr on Billy Connolly

Jimmy Carr recently appeared on an edition of  'The Project', an Australian current affairs TV program. When asked about his style of humour, Jimmy responded:

"I tell jokes. My jokes are like little Lego blocks that can build a child's castle. Bill Connolly, in contrast, carves his stories from marble; great majestic statues of David.

I can't do that."

Business stories are more like Jimmy Carr's jokes than a full blown movie or play. Movies and plays are real story productions of the Billy Connolly-type.

We call business stories little 's' stories, and we leave the capital 'S' stories to the masters like the film makers, and Billy ...


Source: Modified from Jimmy Carr (British Comedian) about Billy Connolly (A Scottish Comedian)
Story Type: Business Purpose
Labels: Story Technique

For Story Students
The Setting: 2016, The Project TV Program
The Complications:
The Turning Point:
The Resolution:
The Point of the Story:
How to use this story: Mike uses this story when teaching about stories. The story is also a great example of metaphoric language.

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